Update on the High Court case between Nicky Hager and the NZ Police

Yesterday, the New Zealand Police informed Nicky Hager through their counsel that they are electing not to appeal the decision of the High Court given in December last year. That decision held that the Police’s search of Mr Hager’s home had been “fundamentally unlawful”.

There are still other issues that remain unresolved.  These include the obtaining by the Police of Mr Hager’s private banking information without a warrant, and issues of costs and damages.  The case will continue to deal with those other matters.

However, Mr Hager says he is pleased that the Police have accepted the Judge’s decision that their actions were unlawful. The Police are not to contesting the finding that the warrant was unlawful. “This means the most important part of this saga is now concluded” said Mr Hager.

In light of this decision, Mr Hager is now entitled to the return of his belongings.  Mr Hager’s computer equipment and many of his documents have been held sealed at the Auckland High Court for over a year.

The Police have said they will work with Mr Hager to arrange through the Court for the return of those belongings.  Mr Hager hopes to collect his computers in person from the Auckland High Court next week.

Mr Hager said, “Having my work materials and machines kept from me for over a year has been a considerable inconvenience.  I will be relieved to have them back.”


Mr Hager’s lawyer, Felix Geiringer, will be available for comment or more information on 022 0243402 after 5 pm.