Latest news: Tuesday, 25 November

Direct link between PM’s office and blogger – Radio NZ

Dirty Politics: Keeping Key’s hands clean –

Govt in ‘spin control’, as three reports drop within hours –

Little demands Key ‘lift his Government out of the sludge’ after Dirty Politics report – One News

John Key responds to media – NZ Herald

Phil Goff says he’s vindicated after 3 years – RadioLive

John Key ignores the obvious –

PM welcomes Inspector-General’s report – Scoop

John Armstrong: National’s response not good enough – NZ Herald

Judith Collins waits on vacancy to shimmy back into Cabinet – One News

SIS can ‘absolutely’ be trusted says director – 3 News

Goff calls on PM to apologise or resign – Radio NZ

Dirty Politics: John Key won’t apologise to Goff – NZ Herald

Judith Collins cleared of colluding with Whale Oil blogger Slater – 3 News

Two apologies, and a call for a resignation, after report on errors by SIS – Scoop

Report slams SIS over information release – Radio NZ

Dirty Politics report: Judith Collins cleared, but bloggers tried to undermine SFO boss – One News

A further thought on the Gwyn report – The Dim Post

John Key refuses to accept Slater link – Radio NZ

Key under fire as report confirms staff disclosed SIS material to blogger – One News

Government Inquiry report released – Scoop

Dirty Politics: No evidence Judith Collins acted inappropriately: report – NZ Herald

Security analyst says SIS and PMs office unprofessional – Radio NZ

Dirty Politics: Kitteridge apologises to Goff – NZ Herald

‘Dirty politics’ report directs harsh criticism of SIS –

Incomplete, inaccurate and misleading – Public Address

SIS criticised for ‘inaccurate’ release – Radio NZ

PM welcomes Inspector-General report – Scoop

Dirty Politics: SIS ‘failed’ to maintain political neutrality – NZ Herald

SIS report confirms Dirty Politics claims: Hager –

Dirty Politics: John Key’s office in gun over SIS – NZ Herald

IGIS report on Dirty Politics due out today – RadioLive

Political commentators on Gwyn Inquiry – Radio NZ

Report on SIS set for release – 3 News

Pictures: The ‘Dirty Politics’ file –

SIS report likely to show Dirty Politics book right – Radio NZ

Dirty Politics saga: Spy agency set to say sorry to Phil Goff – One News

Opposition rejects ‘dirty politics’ report findings –

Apology should come from PM: Labour – Radio NZ

Gwyn Report to confirm Dirty Politics – The Standard

Spy review to validate book: Hager – NZ City

Royal Commission needed – PM’s office in Dirty Politics – Scoop