Latest news: Saturday, 16 August

Labour releases emails confirming hacking – NZ Herald

Slater: Death threats over ‘Dirty Politics’ – TV3

Dirty Politics: The battle of the metaphors – Pundit

Editorial: Questions linger after Hager book – Dominion Post

Interview with Nicky Hager – Radio 1

Slater pushes back again Hager –

Opposition MPs call on Collins to resign – 3 News

SIS gave blogger ‘first dibs’ on paper’s release –

National invovled in breach: Labour – Radio NZ

Maritime Union is shocked at claims in Dirty Politics about the Ports of Auckland – RadioLive

Labour points finger at National over website –

Panel: Patrick Gower, Josie Pagani & Matthew Hooton – 3 News

John Armstrong: Vilification of author revives Muldoon-era tactics – NZ Herald

Bloggers revealed Hager’s address – NZ Herald

Slater receives death threats following Hager’s book publication – NZ Herald

Cameron Slate defends Judith Collins on The Nation – 3 News

Hager’s book raises legitimate questions –