High Court finds police raid on Nicky Hager was illegal

Wellington High Court judge Justice Clifford issued his judgement today on the legality of the police search of Nicky Hager’s home on 2 October 2014. The judge found that the search was illegal.

He said that the Police had failed to disclose relevant information to the Judge who issued the warrant. As a result, he formally declared that the warrant was “fundamentally unlawful”.

He also found that the search was therefore unlawful. Justice Clifford also expressed concerns about other aspects of the Police’s actions. Mr Hager said he is very happy about the decision, for his family and because of the important principles it upholds.

“The heart of the case is the public’s right to receive information about the actions of people in positions of authority.

This decision acknowledges that confidential sources used in investigative journalism, in this case my book Dirty Politics, deserve legal protection.”

More hearings will follow on other police actions taken against Mr Hager and on the subject of costs and damages.

But Mr Hager said this decision was the most important one, affecting all news media and also present and future whistle blowers.

“This decision is very good news for New Zealand journalism,” he said.

Mr Hager thanked the large numbers of people who donated money to help cover court costs and the experts who wrote affidavits supporting his case.


Mr Hager and his lawyers will be available to answer questions outside the Wellington High Court in Molesworth Street at 4:45 pm today. Me Hager’s lawyer, Felix Geiringer, will also be available for comment or more information on 022 0243402 after 5:15 pm.


Chapter 4: The Crusher and the Attack Dog

Judith Collins has been returned to Cabinet. Below is an extract from Chapter 4 of Dirty Politics, to remind the public of her behaviour when she was last in office.

Collins was shown to have leaked a stream of information to Whale Oil blogger Cameron Slater. The most notable example was her leaking the private details of a public servant, who faced death threats and public humiliation after this information was published by Slater.

Collins has yet to be cleared of any of the misdeeds revealed in the book.

Dirty Politics: Chapter 4 extract

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